“During my holidays I need peace and quiet, which is why I like going into the mountains. We are out in nature all day long, and we literally storm the breakfast buffet beforehand. After the hiking tours I’m often quite tired out. Then I like a cold shower, take a hot sauna bath and relax in the Murmelbau – where silence reigns supreme; no talking, no music disturbs this little haven of tranquility with hay and stone pine wood furnishing.

My husband likes to stay in the front area where he can chat with fellow guests and read in his favorite spots – the heated couches. There, he curls up and purrs like our cat. :-)
We book our massage treatments after the second or third day. By then, we have come down a bit. And Hermann, the massage therapist is an absolute must in the Nockalm. Fantastic!“

Sabine & Gerhard K. (32, 35), Würflach, regular guest since 2010


“Variety is what we are looking for in our holidays. Neither of us is a lie-on-the-beach type. If you are not yet familiar with the surroundings, you might need someone to provide you with valuable suggestions once in a while. We particularly appreciated the guided hikes for this reason. Out of all the many things we did, I especially remember the Three Lakes hike, the Stone Pine walk, and the Almbutler tour with a picnic at the lake.

By the way, the ‘butler’ concept is great. There is always something to see or to do. Our daughter gets the necessary information on the Almbutler’s website (www.almbutler.at).

There, she also stumbled across the Nocky Flitzer. That was great fun for all of us. And we get two complimentary Nocky rides per day in the Nockalm – a fantastic bonus considering that we would be charged EUR 11 for one ride. A family business in the truest sense of the word!”

Beatrix M., Wels, regular guest since 2011



“Die Nockalm is one of 19 Almbutler partner businesses with lots of discounts, including on ski passes in winter or rides with the Nocky Flitzer in summer. It really pays off.“

The Highlight:
Nocky Flitzer – the spectacular alpine rollercoaster just next die the “Nockalm“

See here a detailed Almbutler program info.


“The small pavilion situated right next to the Panoramabahn is really comfortable, just like a market square where everyone meets. The little ones often need a break for a soup or a snack in between. Mostly, however, it turns out to be a bigger feast anyhow, as in good weather á la carte dishes are offered until 3:30 pm. After all, you are on holiday and have to spoil yourself sometimes! So it might well happen that the afternoon walk falls prey to a cold beer with stone pine schnapps! The gelateria with 12 flavors of premium ice cream is a paradise for young and old! Where else can you find such a thing in the mountains?! Our insider tip: try the strudel varieties.

Here in the pavilion, senior manageress Rita is in charge – a true host and gifted entertainer. Meanwhile, busy bees Heidi and Thomas are taking care of the rest.”

Doris W. (55), Vienna-Penzing, regular guest since 2002