The food?
With lots of ...

“…love and WITHOUT any convenience products, that’s for sure. Heidi herself is the chef and spoils us every day. We like those recipes long believed to be lost, and she always manages to pull real delicacies out of her hat. Ever tried Schmalzmus with Grantnschleck? We weren’t familiar with it either, but all we can say is that it is fantastic.

In winter, we are especially looking forward to the farmer’s buffet featuring the best produce from the region. And you can really taste the difference! Senior manager Peter personally takes care of the buffet. Also the soups and sauces are home-made; canned food is something unheard of here, that’s for sure. And the delicious jams from the buffet – I’m just wondering when they do all this? We’ve been told the senior manageress makes the jams freshly when it is a bit less busy in the kitchen

Since very recently Sophie, our daughter, is intolerant to gluten. Even that is taken into account in the Nockalm, which is not something we take for granted.“

Eva K. (70), Vienna, regular guest since 1995


That’s not part of the package ...
... um, well, of the menu!

“Be it milk, yogurt, curd cheese or whey, the food served here is guaranteed to be sourced locally. And meat and sausages, of course. This already used to be the motto of the original family business “Alpenrose”. Many people today are intolerant to various ingredients of all those ready-made meals. So it’s good to know that the produce that ends up on the plates is all supplied directly from the region, right? The kitchen too, focuses on regional dishes and special recipes! This may sound odd, but I really like liver. Roasted liver or kidneys – where else do you still get offered such delicacies!“

Christian A. (52), Brunn am Gebirge, regular guest since 2011

From the wine cellar

“There is a small shop right next to the reception area with lots of homemade specialties for loved ones at home. Bacon, honey, jams, schnapps, pumpkin seed oil – everything that is served in the house. I always take something home with me. Directly adjacent is a wine lounge overseen by Thomas, who is very knowledgeable about grapes. The white I had last time? What was its name again? It was awesome. Thomas recommended it with my fish, and all I can say is that we didn’t regret it.

It is a house where everything falls into place somehow. ‘Family atmosphere’ is not just an empty phrase here! Just visit the place and you’ll see for yourself!”

 Christine H. (46), Freiburg, regular guest since 2013