Heidi &

“Our hosts take everything personally! No, seriously, whenever we contact them to make our reservation, Heidi knows in advance the week we would prefer to come, and for years Thomas has prepared my coffee just the way I like it without being asked – black with a dash of cold water. That’s what I call holidays!”

Uwe W. (56), Kassel, regular guest since 2000


“We are not into designer hotels. They sometimes seem a bit sterile, as if you shouldn’t touch anything. That is not an ambience where you would want to spend your holidays with your kids. We prefer things cozy with wood furnishing, etc. A ‘home away from home’ with lots of space, an extra bedroom for the kids and a separate living room to play in. The double and family rooms in the Nockalm are all very individual, as they are made by carpenters. You feel the attention to detail in each corner of the house. It’s simply beautiful.”

Sabine and Johann G. (35/38), Leipzig, regular guests since 2006



And what about the location?