Unlimited massages, because

... Hüseyin, our intuitive sports massage therapist, comes from abroad.

... the treatment offered are also available for visitors beyond the "hotel border".

... our guests feel boundlessly relaxed and renewed after a massage treatment.

Die Nockalm – ABSCHALTEN


Masseur – Hotel Die Nockalm

Name: Hüseyin

Vocation: Massage therapist

Training: Sports massage therapist

What sets him apart: works intuitively with his "golden hands", is able to feel weaknesses in the body; treatments are focused on your needs. Hüseyin is a very calm and considerate person, respecting the privacy of his clients and maintaining appropriate professional boundaries.

Hobbys: trekking, camping, music and dancing

Languages: HUMANISH, Türkish, English

PARTIAL MASSAGE A short and intense time-out to alleviate everyday stress. The therapist works on those parts of the body that are of special concern to you. 25 min EUR 35,00
CLASSIC FULL BODY MASSAGE An "all-time classic" designed to activate the body’s energy flow and restore your physical wellbeing. Muscular tensions are relieved by kneading all body parts. 50 min EUR 65,00
INDULGING AROMA MASSAGE Soft and gentle full body massage with relaxing, signature aromatic oils. 50 min EUR 75,00
HIKING MASSAGE WITH JUNIPER OIL Particularly beneficial treat after an active day out in the mountains. Focusing on the legs, the applied oil promotes circulation, diminishes pain and rheumatic problems. 25 min / 50 min EUR 40,00 / 75,00
HEAVEN & EARTH COMBINATION MASSAGE Starting with a leg and foot massage to ground you, the therapist releases tense muscles in the neck before rounding the treatment off with a head massage using 100% organic lavender oil, ensuring mental freshness for guests who need to clear their heads! 50 min EUR 75,00
HEAVEN & EARTH COMBINATION MASSAGE INCL. BACK Indulgement from head to toe. 75 min EUR 95,00
CUPPING THERAPY This traditional therapy employs negative pressure effective in reducing pain. 25 min / 50 min EUR 40,00 / 75,00


Your choice of our signature aromatic oils:

LAJUNIDER OIL (combination of juniper and lavender oil)