“Our little hotel has many regular guests. What they appreciate most is the family-friendly atmosphere and our dedication as hosts. We didn’t want to say our own fine words about our hotel; instead, we asked our guests to express their personal views for the texts of this website. The feedback shows we are on the right track: our guests appreciate freshly prepared food just as we do, happily pursue the little extras provided, and confirm that interpersonal relationships are most important. Thank you very much for your loyalty and the lovely words.”

Heidi Pichler. (40), Turracherhöhe, Die Nockalm


“We love the work in our hotel and are committed hosts. In the summertime we like going into the mountains. This is best done early in the morning. We head off at 5 a.m. and enjoy the sunrise on a summit nearby. Our guests know this and in many cases join us on one of these outings. Feeling fully regenerated, we are back at 7 a.m., ready to prepare the breakfast. Who needs work-life balance if you love doing your job?”

Thomas Herrnstein (42), Turracherhöhe, Die Nockalm


“We often hear that our hotel is a ‘home away from home’ for our guests. That’s something we really appreciate. It motivates us and provides the energy needed to upgrade, expand and develop further. Since 2000 we’ve had a continuous series of new things in store for our guests. In 2014, there was the big renovation: reception area, new holiday apartments, and a stone pine parlor that can be converted into a seminar room with all desired features in no time at all – projects to make the hotel even more beautiful and cozier.
The new holiday home is also such a project. It’s going to be our dad’s holiday home. ‘Peters Alm’ – the paradise for families who like to go on holiday together but also appreciate some privacy. That’s how we image it. Our hotel offers plenty of space for everything.
This applies primarily for our children. Leonard and Dominik are always busy somewhere on the premises – be it Dominik bringing the bathrobes or Leonard helping at the reception desk. You can hear them, too, once in a while – our regular guests especially like listening to Leonard play the harmonica.”

Heidi Pichler and Thomas Herrnstein. (40 & 42), Turracherhöhe, Die Nockalm

Original family business: www.alpenrose.at